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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what sizes to order?

a. If you are not sure about your size, and the best way to find your size is to order a 'sample sizing' pack. The sample pack has one of each size nail so you can find your perfect fit before ordering.  Not to mention it's only $2.99!!!

b. You can also measure your own nails and find your size from our picture guide. Check our Size Chart page for more info. Also, I recommend selecting a Full Set (20 nails) for your first order if you aren't confident of measuring your nails!

How do I apply my nails?

Nail Glue- Can stay on for up to 1-3 weeks. Make sure to follow the correct nail prep process to insure long lasting wear.

Nail Adhesive tabs- Can stay on for up to 1-2 days. It's a perfect way to wear it temporarily and easy to remove/ reusable!

Both of these things come with every single set of nails shipped out as a part of customer appreciation.

Are these nails reusable?

Yes, all of my press-on nails are reusable if you take good care of them wearing and during removal process!  If you prefer nail glue, I would suggest purchasing an inexpensive electric nail file so you can gently buff away any built up glue on the back of the nails to clean up before you reuse it.

What is your processing time?

All nails are 100% custom, made to order except for the ready-to-ship sets.

Ready to ship items: 1-4 days 

Handmade nail sets: 2-3 weeks. Please note this is only an estimated time, it can be changed due to current workload. Please be aware that your order may be shipped sooner but can certainly take longer as well.

If you need them by certain date, please send me a message or e=mail to let me know! I can and will usually work around that for a small fee.  

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