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Why Hand Painted Press-On Nails Are The Best?

First of all, there's an ideal set of press-on nails out there for almost everyone.

  • Your natural nails are much safer underneath a pair of press-ons than gels or acrylics.

My personal obsession with press-ons is primarily due to the fact that they save me from myself. Wearing a set provides the perfect obstacle between my nails and my reflexive chewing, leaving my nails to grow in peace underneath. What's more: I find that press-ons and glue don't damage my nails the same way gel polish or acrylics do when they come off — nail artist Gina Edwards agrees. "The biggest benefit of a press-on is that you are in charge of your nail health," she says. According to her, you just have to be patient when soaking glued-on nails off.

Some use nail polish remover, but I can ease mine off with warm, soapy water and nail oil if I've been wearing them for five or more days. This way, I can have the long nails I love without the risk of undoing the hard work I do to keep my natural nails healthy.

  • Unlike store bought press-on nails, hand painted nails are stronger, customizable and made with love.

Press-ons don't create themselves, so imagine the process that big companies use in order to stock shelves with the most amount of product they can. You can bet that those machines are not sitting down to paint each nail after prepping, shaping and speaking to the customer one on one to come up with the perfect set of press-on nails. Let's face it, most, if not all companies have to use a machine to spray paint the nails all at once. This does not include the extra layers of paint, seals and sometimes acrylic that handmade nail creators apply to make sure our customers get the best experience possible. That means NO flimsy or bendy nails for our customers!

  • You can explore different nail personalities without a splurge or commitment.

When extensions or nail art get introduced to the mix, a gel manicure can cost a pretty penny (over $100 if you like the real complicated stuff). When I take the plunge and try something new at the nail salon, there's a solid fifty-fifty chance I'll actually like it — those odds aren't favorable for a broke bitch like myself. What's the use of paying for designs you don't really enjoy, only to be forced to keep them on for weeks at a time? I say no, thank you.

Most packs of press-ons, however, cost between $10-50 and like I mentioned earlier, they come in every style imaginable and come off rather easily. Even if you wanted to try a completely different nail look every couple of days, you still wouldn't spend nearly as much time or money as you would in a salon.

  • Applying them is quick and effortless, plus they can last for ages.

Finding your desired size and style of press-ons is probably the hardest thing about using them. Once they're in your hands, though, putting them on is alarmingly easy. Based on trial and error (and watching lots of youtube videos), I've learned that the key to the perfect press-on application is not to overdo it on glue. Just plop a drop at the tip and at the base of your natural nail and drop that nail right on top. Press down on it firmly for a few seconds while the glue dries, and you're basically done. When glued properly, a press-on set can stay secure for a solid week if you're gentle with your hands. When your nail is prepped properly, a press-on set can stay on for weeks at a time!

Press-ons don't chip. They never lose their shine or shape. And if one pops off prematurely, you can clean it with alcohol, file down the edges, and glue it right back on.

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